Change an Item / Add new items

Go to Your Current Orders page and choose “Change an Item”. Here, you can change the quantity of the item and its frequency. If you want to change an item’s size you will need to click “Add new items”, select the new size in the Shop area and select “Add to Order”. You can then remove the item you’re wanting to replace by clicking “remove” in the shop area or on the Your Current Orders page. Remember to select the “Confirm my order” button if you haven’t turned on One-Click ordering. 

Add new Items 

Extra items can be added in the Shop as a one off, weekly or fortnightly item, without affecting your other orders. In the Orders page you can see a summary of all your items for the coming weeks. You can easily add a new item by clicking “Add new items”. Add extras to your box before your order deadline to ensure they are confirmed for packing in your next box.