Is all the fruit/veg at Regather organic, local and seasonal?

All of our fruit and veg is certified Organic, and so is Regather. In your veg box you will find Organic produce from certified farms and producers across Sheffield (and further afield), including from the bio-dynamic garden at High Riggs, and Regather’s very own farm in Moss Valley. You can buy locally produced (Organic and non-Organic) products in our shop like milk, bread, eggs, alcohol and more. We always prioritise local farms, buying everything they offer us, and topping up our order from further afield if needed. As we head into the winter months, we source produce from further afield in order to ensure quality and a good variety of veg. For those who want a full seasonal eating experience, we offer a ‘UK Grown’ box, which never imports produce from abroad. When buying a product, we always ensure that it is either local, seasonal or organic, and ideally, all three!